Workflow Activity entity is not present in domain model, but present in database

We have implemented workflow in mendix 9.5.0. We are trying to restart the of workflow by changing the state from “Aborted’ to ‘InProgress’. We have implemented change object activity for workflowInstance entity, screenshot of microflow is attached below. However, while observing the database we can see another table named ‘workflowactivity’ is present, which is updated with each workflow transaction, but the same entity is not present in system domain model. Can anyone please explain this. There’s an association present between workflowactivity and workflowinstance table, which is also accessible from retrieve activity and not visible in system domain model. We need to change the state in workflowactivity table as well to restart the workflow successfully perform next user tasks. Currently getting this error “Workflow 'Asset Approval' (ID: '2251799813686050' [AssetTracker.Asset_Approval]) couldn't execute 'UserTask: 'Asset Approval by Admin''. Invalid state 'Aborted (error: No users match the specified constraint.)' for execution.” To mention we have tried to find the same table in workflowCommons domain model, but could not find it. We are using mendix in built DB. System domain model  
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