how to assign user task to all users specified, not just one

Hi, For a user task,   we can specify the users who can see the user task by XPath or microflow as follow:   But, say, for example  the XPath constraint returns 3 users,  my understanding is that all the 3 users can see this user task but only 1 can be assigned to the task at any specific time.   My question is do we have any way to create a instance of this user task for every user of the 3 users? My studio version is 9.11.1.   But I guess it is not related to specific version.
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Hi, Wei Ming tang


1. Please create one entity like designation type and associates to account 

2.who are see the task then give to that person as special destination 

3.then you can assign that task to designation

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This is possible using the Multi User Task In case the users also need to make a decision (the task has multiple outcomes) you can configure how a final outcome can be determined from the individual ones.