BPMN/BPMS conversion

(New at Mendix) I am coming from a full-blown BPMS environment. Data model and BPMN are core. User interaction comes next. Many of our (process-layer) implementations have little user interaction or none at all. What we do have are lots of very extensive workflows, parallel subprocesses with various exit-criteria, timers, intermediate events,  task-border events, and all the other stuff allowed in standard BPMN 2.0. I am trying to get my head around to what extent Mendix can equate to this. I am only just completing the Mendix 'Rapid development’ 'Crash course’. Plus I have downloaded the ‘Workflow Commons’ and got my teeth stuck (and somewhat broken) in that.  To sum it up, I can see how BPMN-proper can be 'largely’ mimicked between WorkFlows, MicroFlows, and a bunch of Java code. I am also aware I'm probably missing the full picture. I am therefore keen to know if anyone out there has real-life experience with conversions like this and is willing to share their findings.  Looking forward to hearing about it :) 
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