Assign a user task to a workflow participant automatically.

Hi all, I’m new to Mendix, and I’m trying to build a workflow that includes rejection.  eg. User A triggered a workflow, then user B recieved the usertask and rejected,  user A should make some changes and resubmit the workflow task to user B. I’ve built a user task with “aprrove” and “reject” outcomes, and set the “reject” path to a resubmit usertask. And now, I don’t know how to assign the workflow owner (or another user who participated to the workflow) to this resubmit user task. I tried to use a microflow to assign user, but faild. I am not really practiced at microflow. Is there anybody can tell me how to bulid this kind of workflow, and if  microflows are neccesary, how to build them?   Thanks, Xinmeng
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