Custom Workflow Building

Hi All, I am creating a custom workflow where we can configure the objects dynamically from the UI without altering the backend code. Things achieved so far, Creating workflow with multiple approval levels and rules in each approval level using mxmodelreflection module where we have visibility to the entities and attributes from front end. our domain model looks something like this,  WF has rules configured with data type, String, Integer and range. We are able to create requests and submit the request for approval. Rules are created based upon attributes from a direct/main entity or from associated entities, like we configure email tokens.   Needs attention/help:  How can we retrieve the rules configured in WF for each approval level using mxmodelreflection module so that we can compare the parameters in the rule with the real request which is processed in the WF. For an example, we have created a WF with one level of approval and one rule in it. The rule will check a range (lets say lower limit – 50 and upper limit – 100) for an attribute(mxobjectmember) WaferAmount. Now the request submitted for approval has one attribute as WaferAmount = 70. Expectation is to compare the value with the configured range in the rule and return true since 70>50 and 70<100.   We are at the last step of it and want little suggestion or guidance to accomplish the custom WF component. Kindly, share your ideas.   Thanks!
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