Workflow associations

Hello to all, I have a doubt regarding a process that I’m trying to build using workflows, and it goes like this I have an entity called Request that is part of a workflow (which looks like the image below) and I have two user roles that can interact with that Entity – App Owner, Cybersecurity Team. Figure 1Workflow WFC Create new request The App Owners create a request, and someone inside the cybersecurity team should grab the request and assign it to himsel. Once assigned to a person, he should be responsible for the request until the end.  Every cybersecurity team user has access to a list of Requests, which by upon click, should open another page that has all the workflow tasks associated to that request and user. The problem is while I can grab all workflows associated with a determined user, I cannot associate them with the Request itself. Therefore, I was wondering if there is a way in which I can grab all the workflows associated with a user, and at the same time with the request instance. Is that possible?
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I have the exact same issue.

Anyone knows how to solve this?