Workflow jump in microflow

I have a created a workflow to manage a request that has a status which is updated depending on the specific phase (or user task) the workflow currently is. The problem I have is that the Admin must be able to change the status and the workflow must then go to whatever user task this status concerns.  This would be easily achievable if there was a way to jump to a user task in a microflow, however I have found no way of doing this. If someone has a solution for this problem I would appreciate it!
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Its not possible to jump to a user task inside a microflow.


Hi João Rafael ,


As far as I understand your problem, I will make a suggestion. Unfortunately, microflows are not actions that can be stopped and resumed later, like workflows. That's why I recommend you to divide the microflow you use into two parts. Trigger your workflow on the first microflow. Trigger a second microflow in the event that the workflow ends. In this way, you will be using your microflow as a workflow. I hope this helps. Please let me know if I misunderstood