Where can I get example application that create by mendix workflow 9.1xx

Hi all  so many error message when I tried to convert workflow application from 9.6.2 to 9.12.2 I would like to learn and play application on new workflow (Not beta) to understand concept and  try to convert again. In another way, Can mendix support my team to convert application via online or  something like that? My application module have 15 modules that build from mendix workflow beta (9.6.2)   Thanks, Somboon
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Hi Somboon,


There’s an updated Academy class based on 9.10.1 which uses the updated GA workflow architecture released at 9.10.




You can also follow the how to here that shows how to build an employee onboarding process using the production release of workflow in Studio Pro




There’s additional documentation here on using Workflows in Studio