New user in workflow

Hi Team , I am currently working on an application where I have implemented workflow .  We have 3 roles defined: User  Primary Manager  Senior Manager  User will create a request and click “ request approval” button and on that button workflow triggered . The request then go to primary manager and based on “approve “ it will go to next step in workflow to senior manager for approval . Post senior manager approval workflow ends .   Now I have a situation where we have 50 request raised already and they are on primary manager step . Means primary manager can see those 50 request in his task inbox.   Now I have to add one more user with user role as “ Primary Manager “ .    When I created one more primary manager role that person is not able to see the request raised in past ( 50 old request ) in his task inbox .   New Primary Manager can only see the request which raised after his role creation .   My Question is how can I show the new Primary Manager all those old request ?
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Hi Shivam,

based on the information given, I assume that you retrieve/show the request based on an association rather than a state. You will need to associate the old requests to the new Primary Manager as well.