How to add generalization for workflow in 9.15.0

Hello Team, I am experimenting with 9.15.0 and I cant find how to add generalization of a workflow to an entity.   In previous version(9.4) I used WorkflowContext  and some other posts on the forum talk about replacement of “WorkflowContext” with just “workflow” in system module, but I can’t find it in system or workflowCommons module. My goal is to create a working application with a simple workflow, workflow dashboard and task-Inbox.  I believe learning material is not available for this version. any help in this regard will be highly appreciated  Thanks in Advance 
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Hi Naresh,

Starting from Mx 9.10 you no longer need to create a generalization of the workflow entity. 
You can just create your own business related entity and use it to start the worklow with. 

If you want, you could associate your business entity to the workflow entity after you start the workflow process. That way you could retrieve and find workflow related data from your business entity.

Hope this helps!