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Hello,  I am trying to generate a pdf document using data that is entered elsewhere in the app. The app contains many different topics that are each their own entity. Each entity has the same several attributes. I need the values entered for each attribute to generate into a pdf. I currently have a microflow that creates the document and creates objects for each of the entities. The microflow is then supposed to generate the document with the data entered for each entity displayed. I have attempted to call the microflow as a sub-microflow and have a separate microflow that retrieves the document and then downloads it, as specified on a mendix instructional page, but had little success. I have attached images of the template, the page where data is entered for one of the topics, the microflow, the exported pdf and the generate document page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Ashley Kimbel,

When you are creating a new object it is always empty, pass the user entered object (Page parameters) into the microflow using parameters or retrieve the object from the database.

Instead of using multiple objects you can create one NP helper entity add all the attributes into that and map the vales in microflow and pass that object into the Pdf document so you have a more clarity on that.



What are the attribute values of the created objects?

When you want to generate a PDF based on entered values by the user, use the same object used by the user in the pages as for the PDF. When creating an object, its empty.