Mandating a user to add comments in workflow

Hi, I have a page with a comment box (ie., a Workflow Commons Snip) and two buttons, “Approve” and “Reject” which call a workflow. What I am wanting is, when the user clicks on either of the buttons, the app forces the user to add commentary on why they are approving or rejecting, before the workflow is started. Here are my thoughts and challenges:   To force the user to add commentary. The purpose is to add commentary to the Workflow Commons Snip Comments section. If the user does not/forgets to add comments, a pop up window should appear once the user clicks Approve or Reject. I think I know how to create this window (but open to suggestions). Or, to force the user to add commentary,….is it possible to make the Workflow Commons Snip Comment section a mandatory field? If so, great! But how to make it mandatory? If not possible, then,… Perhaps I can add a new comment free text box to the page, and make it a mandatory field, so the user cannot continue without adding comments. But, I would need for the app to take these comments from this new comment text box and add it automatically as a new comment to the Workflow Commons Snip Comment section (and submit the comment so it shows in the comment workflow). This would need to happen automatically once the user click Approve or Reject. How could this be done?
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Hi James,

What I would do is create a microflow behind the Approve & reject button that first of all does a validation on the Comment box. If the box is not filled you can give a validation feedback message. If the box is filled you can continue with the microflow and use the Workflow ‘Complete User Task’ activity to go to the next step in the workflow, or use the ‘Call workflow’  activity if you are starting the workflow.

Hope this helps!