Pop-up window with buttons to continue workflow

Hi, I have a page with two buttons, Approve and Reject. What I am looking for is a pop-up window to appear when the user clicks either of these two buttons, with a specific comment I would draft. For example, “are you sure you want to continue?”. However in this pop-up window, I want there to be two buttons, one to “Go back” (and cancel the page...easy, I can do this :) ) and one to “Proceed” (which would do the actual Approve or Reject based on the workflow).    I have tried to do this by creating a new page that acts as this pop-up window and added the two buttons. The problem is I cannot get the “Proceed” button to move the workflow forward. I think this is due to the data container of this new page not being linked to the workflow. And I cannot figure out how to make the “Proceed” button work. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Hi James, 


You need to add a page parameter/dataview to your popup-window with the UserTask object,

from there just a button with Complete User Task click action;





OR Within a Microflow → Complete User Task activity → https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/complete-task/ )


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With your current setup, you would just need to pass the object into the new popup page, and use a dataview on that popup page to accept the object. Then the proceed button will be able to do what you need.


You also might consider using the “Show Confirmation” action in nanoflow commons. It’s capable of directly prompting the user for a response and then continuing the same nanoflow based on the response.