Adding workflow progress to an email

In my App, I have a workflow that will be sending out email notifications to users to approve/reject the request. In this email that the server will send, I would like to include the workflow progress, in other words, in the body of the email, I want the receiver/user to see where we are in the workflow by showing who all have approved prior (by who and when), so that the user can see the workflow’s history. What would be ideal, is if I could get a screenshot, or at least the text data from the Activity Timeline in the Workflow (i.e., [WorkflowCommons.Snip_UserTask_TaskTimeline] ). Ideally, I would be able to create like a email Token that I could attribute to this, but it seems the email template is limited to many things. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations on how to capture the Workflow Activity Timeline and add it to the body of an email template? Many thanks!
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What I would do is build up a custom string attribute on sending out the email.
Probably you have a specific entity for the token replacement? You can add the attribute there.


Then when sending the email you can retrievethe UserTaskViewList through the Workflowview(depending on your set up the path can be a bit different)

The in loop build up a string variable to show something like:
- Date, Approver, Status

- Date – Approver, Status

You could add html to the string to show it in a specific design.

Hope this helps ​​​​​​​