Validation to a specific employee type

Hi Community, I have a function for every employee and I want some fields to appear when I click a certain type of employee is there anyone can help
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Hi Mohammed, 

If you right click on the element on the page, you can ‘edit condition for visibility’. 

You can use the ‘based on attribute value’ option and set it the the employee type.



If you don’t have the Account (or employee) object on the page, you may need to use a dataview that retrieves the current user by microflow. 
Add a retrieve action to the microflow set it to your Administration.Account entity and set it to retrieve the ‘first’ option. 
In the retrieve add the xpath [id = $currentUser]. 


This will then allow you to use the account on the page, in some case I have the account data view just surrounding the field I want to limit view of.