Mendix forms versioning

Hi All,  we have a Scenario like –    if ‘user1’ access the form and make the modification and save the form now we need to capture the version of the form. later ‘user2’ access the form and edit the form and make modifications then also we need to capture the version of the form. Let’s say ‘user1’ modifications will save as version(v.1) and ‘user2’ modifications will save as version(v.2). now i can go to v.1 and see the what changes are made off.   Can you guys suggest the intelligent way to do
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Hi Giri, Did you try creating new objects whenever the person saves the record?

And in the above case when the user2 saves his request, there should be total of 3 records (one with the latest change, one with the changes with user1 and last one with user2 changes), to differentiate this you can use any boolean attribute to know the original and the duplicate one.


Hi Giri, 


Making version of records can be implemented in several ways.

  • Having a attribute (enumeration or boolean) that indicates if the records is the original or a modification is an option.
  • Create a specialization/or even a copy of the entity containing the modified record


In both option you need to link the original record to the modified record, via a association or via a unique identifier of the original record.


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