Parallel workflow user tasks

Hello everyone,   I am trying to create a record and send that record to approval (Director and Sub Director). So to achieve this i am using parallel split in the workflow module so that the record will be visible to both the persons at the same time. Suppose if the director is rejecting or send back that record to the record creator then the record should be removed (record should not be deleted but that usertask should be deleted) from both Director task page and Sub director task page at the same time. As of now when the director is rejecting the record, the record is removing only from director task but not from the sub director task.   So is there any possibility that when director reject that record that record should be removed from both the user tasks.   Thanks in advance,  
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Hi Apura,

I think you will have to create something with microlfows in order to be able to get the correct user task and remove that.
For example when the director rejects his task, you can create a custom microflow that retrieves the workflowusertask that is in the correct state and with the correct user for that specific workflow context object.

After that, you can delete it.