How do you create a pop-up page for a product configurator?

Hello dear community. This is my first post and directly a complicated issue (at least I think so). I would like to know how I can create a popup page in Mendix where I can let the customer configure a certain product by selecting colour, options etc.. I have already tried to set up a button to open a popup page as a form where I can configure the product, or rather where I can select options and the product (which already exists in the database) is selected. But Mendix won't even let me open the page because it says the argument is missing. But the thing is that I want to configure the product on this page and then it should select the product from the database from the given options. I am very sorry if the question is incomprehensible, I hope I was able to express my concern to some extent. I have been working with Mendix for the first month and I am actually an engineer^^ Is it an option to create a microflow that pulls the product variants from the database and makes them available to the form and then opens the pop-up page with some default values?
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Hi Dillon,

If you have a page where you can edit object properties, you need to pass an object to that page. In order to do so, you can have the open page action in a datagrid toolbar, for instance. Or contained within a listview that lists object of the desired type. If you want to create a new object, you can select ‘Create Object’ action for the button instead of the ‘Open page’ action. Mendix then automatically creates an object of that entity and passes it to the configured page.

Hope that helps.