How to retrieve specific workflowUserTask

Hi Team, I want to know if we can get specific workflowUserTask from API. I try to filter it by Id, but no luck, the Xpath seem not to allow Id to be a condition.  Can someone guiding me how to get specific workflow user task?   
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You made a nice quess because internally Mendix works like this, but i won’t let you do it in a microflow, only in Java. The value you is is the WorkflowUserTask/id.


Expand the WorkflowUserTask in the debugger and choose an attribute (like name or description) with a unique value to retrieve it. Like [Name=’Process’]


Or use a head/tail on the list.


Or make a java-action.


return Core.retrieveId(getContext(), Core.createMendixIdentifier('1232132132131'));