Call REST API: Authorization: (omitted)

Hello I have a problem with the Microflow option “Call Rest”. i tryed everything to call a RestAPI from i tested it in Postman and it worked perfectly but it doesnt work.   1.) I Created a JSON structure with the Postman response (same API Call) 2.) and made a Import Mapping with the Json structure   3.) Created a Microflow with the “Call Rest” Modul 4.)   5.) and then i get following Error in the Trace   And i can try whatever i want, it doesnt work. i also tryed other APIs with Header Authentication, but it doesnt work.   The Openproject API Documentation is here:  
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You are trying to use two forms of authentication:

  • it looks like you don’t need the custom authentication header
  • you should enter the word apikey for the username
  • you should enter your the generated apikey from your open project account into the password field

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P.S. here is the section of open project documentation that I got this info from