Not able to add workflow context object

Hello Team , Currently I’m doing the intermediate course . In that course we have one module to create a workflow . I followed all the instructions to add entity and giving access and all . Then trying to add a workflow to MyFirstmodule .  Workflow is added . But I’m not able to add the workflow context object to workflow . I’m not able to found the issue . Can someone please help me on this . Thanks in advance !
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Hi Vinodhini,


I see you've marked your Studio Pro version as 9.6.0. The workflow learning path uses version 9.10.1.


Workflow was not officially released untill version 9.10 if I remember correctly. In any version before that workflow still was in the beta test phase, which means a lot has changed from earlier versions to 9.10. One of the largest differences being that earlier versions also required an instance object.


Upgrade to 9.10.1 or higher so the instructions in the learning path will match up to what you're seeing in the Studio Pro.