Send mail with a button click

Hello dear all!   I want to assign a button for mail sending via Outlook. I searched a little bit but I couldn’t find a good source for setting up this button to send mails. Of course there are plenty of modules etc. for this job but they are too complicated. I just want to use a single button to send from one specific mail address to one specific mail address with determined template, like a remimder. Is there any easy way to do so? Thank you in advance!  
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Hi Egemesh,

You can download the email connector module and then configure it in your system,

Now, put a button, from where you want to send the email, 

On the button, call a microflow, 

In the microflow, use a ‘create Object’ activity and create an object of  ‘Email message’ , Now use a retrieve activity and retrieve the first object of ‘Email account’,  Now, you use a ‘Send email’ activity to send email and, you are good to go,


Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!