Workflow Status

Hello All,   I am working on a use case, where i need to track workflow based on the user defined Status. I am unable to find a solution.  Please suggest a workaround.   Thank You
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Create a status enumeration attribute. As you go through the workflow where the user’s status needs to be changed. You can do this in two ways. one create a micoflow in the workflow task. Or Drag and drop a microflow into the Workflow. Create a microflow and use a change object activity to change the status of the user. ( I would need more information about the tracking aspect) but inside the microflow you could create a sub-microflow (sub for reusability) and in the sub create a way to send the admin or whoever that needs to track the workflow a notification update of were the user is in the workflow based on their current status. 


Hello Curtis,


The Status, User need to track is Approval Pending, Approved, Rejected, Rejected-Details Incomplete etc.
These status should reflect for the workflow Status. This is similar to state. 
I have added Status as enumeration into User Task Page, However, i am not able to track it in the TaskInbox as the context of the UserTask Page is not available for the filter.

Thank you