How to fix Worklow Errors Template Purchase Request by Import to 10.0.0 ?

Hi developers and Mendix insiders ,   To start Marketplace template Purchase Request with Mx Version 9.24.3 works ok. Test to import an exported package in Mx 10.0.0 display 34 Errors.   After update Workflow commons there are still 10 Errors, which are not easy to fix.   Any ideas?  When will Mendix upgrade such best show case templates for Mx 10 ?    
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Have you also updated all the other modules? Please do so. After doing so, show us the left-over errors, if any.

Mind you, biggest change in the workflow-entity-associations is the association WorkflowUserTask_Assignees between WorkflowUserTask and User. Used to be just *-1, in Mx10 it has become *-*.


Hi Tim,

thanks for the quick answer.


I made it new, starting with 9.24.3 step by step.




Without any further update  ( … why does Mendix don’t do updates automatically in the process? )


Finding:  Some widgets are still on very old version ,  e.g. Charts 


Anyway:  as recommendet started with Modules:




Hi Tim,

I just noticed that now an upgrade on Marketplace released.

Thank you, if you were involved. And others @Mendix


I played auround and compared template 2.0.0 in Mx10 to version 1.9.0 in Version 9.

Good for my learnings in between intermediate an advanced level ;-)


But ;-)  I found some concerns.

First one is important for my ideas in adapting this template for my own ideas:

The Chat-Tab is deleted in Mx10-Template. Why?

I did not try to add (re-fix) it on my own so far. Maybe Mendix plans a new uprade and gives a good example?



Other concern with failing or missing function: