Best way to pause a WorkflowUserTask

I have a workflow with 2 rounds. After round 1, the process can be aborted, or extended to round 2. If it’s extended to round 2, I want the Evaluator to provide feedback after X weeks.   I can set the due date for X weeks later, but I think that a user is still able to execute the task. What’s the best way to block a user from executing the Task, and only open it after X weeks?
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On the page containing the user’s task inbox, you can use XPath to limit display to tasks whose due date is within a certain time frame.  So even though the task is active, the user won’t see the task until its due date is within a timeframe you specify.


Example XPath:

The red box highlights the relevant date calculation (limiting tasks displayed to those whose due date is in the next 2 weeks).  


Hope that helps.