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Hi , iam working in the workflow for 4 approval process such as feasibility review , financial review etc; after clicking the submit screen, here i created the microflow for feasibility approval ….similarly i created it for other approval stage microflow , after submiting it not shown shown in to do list page.How it should be done?
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Hi Harikrishnan,


I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here in the microflow.

What does a user list have to do with a simple request and approval system?

To make something like you described, I would suspect something like a request object with an enumeration attribute of the different stages you specified. 


Of course, you can add any details needed for the request. Then build pages to show it and microflows to approve it. To show it, you can make a list view with an XPath to only show feasibility_review, for example. Then change the enumeration to approve it.

With microflow: 

Hopefully this is the answer you where looking for. Good luck!