Use of workflow and its difference from microflow

Hello, I have not used Workflow before. I am new to this. I have gone to its documentation but its usage and its application is still not clear to me  Please let me know and additional let me know like how its different from microflow. Its urgent.   Thanks
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Microflow :
Microflows which are modeled left-to-right. A microflow is a custom piece of logic, a “function” if you will. This can be anything from a validation flow, calculation, API calls, sending e-mails etc. Once a microflow is kicked off (by a user, or by a background process like a scheduled event) it keeps running until it's done.  You can read more about Microflows here -


Workflow :

Workflows have a preferred top-to-bottom direction. A workflow is a way to model a business process. They are steps that are automatically paused when user input is required. They can also include microflows. You can read more about Workflows here -



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Hi Trishla,

Generally speaking, you can use workflows as a “process microflow” which can contain multiple microflows, as well as user input steps on pages (e.g., a Manager check) before continuing the process.

You can find the learning path here:, which contains a good explanation of what a workflow is and the use cases at the beginning.