Target users after the Parallel Split in a workflow allows both users to complete each others task. How to avoid this?

Hi Everyone, I am working on workflows and I have a parallel split at one place as I want to complete 2 parallel tasks. The issue with this is that after this split I have 2 user tasks and these user tasks have different target users assigned. So now the issue is that the first user has 2 tasks in his task bucket and the second user also has 2 tasks in his task bucket and they both can complete each other's tasks which is incorrect. How to avoid this scenario? There is not enough documentation for this on the portal. Any help will be appreciated and please provide any documentation if available apart from mendix docs. I have attached the screenshots for reference. Thanks in advance!      
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Hello Sanket, 


I've checked the images and found that there are 3 same outcomes for user tasks assigned to FM and SD. As per my understanding you might be working on signing user based on the review, so will it be possible if you can check with your team if it's really required for the parallel split or not. 


If possible, I'd recommend you to please use sequential approach so that firstly FM will review from their end. Based on the outcome you can set Boolean value for each result. Then you can add as decision which will check out the Boolean outcome and if it's true you can close it else SD will have the user task and they will review it from their end. 


This is what I'm able to find the way-out. If you've found any better work-around, please help me with the solution in the comment section. 


Hope this helps. 





Hi Sanket,


you can workaround this only showing the right tasks to your connected users. I know that the taskinbox page from the workflowcommon module displayed tasks it shouldn't display... so that's maybe why you have access to these tasks ?

If you use taskinbox, you have to fix the xpath request configured for the datagrid in the "unassigned task" tab by using the Xpath used by the tab badge (these xpath is in the activity "Retrieve list of workflowusertask from database" of the microflow SUB_TaskCount_Update).