Best practices to check due date trigger events?

Hi everyone,   I have a question about best practices for events that must trigger when passed a due date. What are your best practices to implement the following example?:   If I have a project in which users can submit requests and I want a due date to be set in let's say 5 days (for the request to be fulfilled). What are your best practices for setting a "notification trigger" in case the due date has passed when the request was not fulfilled? (this could be a email that notifies that the request was not fulfilled, etc).   Some people I know, have implemented this by a Scheduled Event, that checks daily for unfulfilled requests. But I simply want to know other alternatives that the community can suggest for this scenarios.   Best regards!
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Hi Oswaldo,


An another way would be to use the Workflow Module.

You can assign the User a Usertask to fill out the Form and this Usertask Activity have the Config "due Date".