Complete user task from outside of microflow and task inbox

Hello,   I have entity A and when it is created a workflow triggers. In this workflow there is user task that makes user fill out attribute fields of object A and after that there is 2nd user task that makes admin review and accept/deny it.    Currently user needs to go to task inbox, then click on task associated with task and then user task page pops out, user fills out fields, then clicks button which completes user task and it goes to approval user task so that is how it should work.    Now I want to allow users to also fill out those fields in NewEdit page and then save it. This save button should also finish ongoing user task without any additional effor from user (user should not need to go into task inbox etc.) so user task for approval from admin can start.    Is there a way to do it?   I tried adding association from entity A to System.WorkflowUserTask and in microflow I retrieved System.WorkflowUserTask using this association and I confirmed that correct user task is acctually beeing retrieved (I opened user task page with this user task in argument and correct one showed up) but when trying to use activity "Complete user task" I am getting errors.  Is there something else that I sould do?    I am using Mendix version 9.24.11 and Workflow commons 2.5.0
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