Workflow Application : I dont see the objectID(business entity id) attribute in the System.workflow object

Hello everybody my names is Andrea , i am new in the comunity. I need your help. I am working with workflow, i need  to connect entity  system.workflow with the entity the buisiness(in this case EmployeeOnBoarding how to example mendix that find on site)   To verify connect between entity system.workflow and my entity EmployeeOnBoard I have do this :   Create  a new entity EmployeeOnBoard     2. Create a page with the button that create  the association between  entity EmployeeOnBoard to workflow that you find below   3. so far everything is ok   4) Now the problem            Given that The entity EmployeeOn Boardinh has id= 2814749767337176          I Execute the microflow below             When  i do the retrieve the table system.workflow, in debug it show me this one, dove objectid is id entity same number of employeeOnBoarding(that i have need), perfect       In this point decid of put objectid(workflow) in the variable. but  don't show the attribute  in in no way. RetunrValueName is  Workflow       Where is finisched objectid???
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