Import other BPM Workflow into Mendix Workflows

Hello All,   We are working on importing the other BPM platforms workflows into Mendix. Do we have any capability to import the standardised XML files into mendix which can be used to create the workflow/micro flow in Mendix.   Are there any utilities available in Mendix that can automate the process of Workflow Imports rather than having to create the complete workflow again in Mendix. Our idea is to automate the process creation into Mendix to avoid the redevelopment of workflows that are already working in other BPM technology.
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Hello Akash,


Yeah, we are doing with the reimplementation of workflows, but is there any way the Mendix support. We would try out things in parallel or ensure that we are able to update the same without having to redo from scratch. As currently we are doing a POC and need to provide some any optimisation that can be done on Mendix