Display workflow timeline for all users

Hi All,  We are working on a workflow based solution where we will create Ideas from user and will go though few levels of approvals. We have the application built and everything is working fine. We are having a screen to view the created Ideas (WorkflowContext) and different screens for approval(TaskInbox from WorkflowCommons) Now there is a request to view the timeline from the Idea View screen. Mendix is providing method to get WorkflowContext from Workflow but not vice versa. So as mentioned in the post here https://community.mendix.com/link/space/workflows/questions/120542 , I have created a link between Workflow and WorkflowContext as the first action in the workflow using a microflow. It was working good when tested as Admin, but when started testing as a user, the timeline is not visible. On digging deeper found that the User access to the System.Workflow table is having an xpath constraint as below. How can I make the timeline visible to everyone? Any suggestion would really help [System.WorkflowUserTask_Workflow/System.WorkflowUserTask[State = 'InProgress' and (System.WorkflowUserTask_TargetUsers = '[%CurrentUser%]' or System.WorkflowUserTask_Assignee = '[%CurrentUser%]')]]
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Hello Nidhin Vijay,


we are working with entity WorkflowView from module Workflow commons, because it keeps also information from history. So we also use MF in workflow, but we connect there Workflow context to entity WorkflowView. In this entity we had to add access rule for role User - Full read no write. Same for entity UserTaskView.


One more thing - we use event handler MF from Workflow commons module to track changes in your workflow

Screenshot 2024-02-27 080646.png