User Task not assigned although its assigned ?

I'm facing a reccurring error in the workflow engine, some actions are not processed and I get the following error:   com.mendix.modules.microflowengine.MicroflowException: You can’t complete this user task, it is not assigned to you.   I checked everything and I did reassign task to the same user but still it gives me the same kind of error.  is there any way that I can check the built in function? this occurs when processing the mendix activity "Complete User Task" if I can check the code that throw this exception it might help me resolve it.   did anyone face the same issue ?
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Hi Amer,

While completing the Workflow tasks, it is must that Assignee of that task should be User performing the action.

There are two ways you can do this,

  • Assign Task to user who is going to Perform the action, commit it and them complete the task.
  • You can use Java Action from Community Commons, "executeMicroflowAsUser". Pass the Assignee of Task and Task Completion microflow in this Java Action.



For security reasons workflow only allows a user (session) to complete a task if it has been set as the user who is working on the task (aka assigned user). You can check if this user has been set (properly) by checking the association between System.WOrkflowUserTask and System.User. THis one:


When using the Workflow Commons task templates this is shown on the right side under "Assignees".