Can we show a page inside the microflow called within a workflow?

Hi experts, I want to show a popup called within a micrflow where this micrflow is called within the workflow.   1)I have added a micrflow call inside the workflow 2)In this micrflow I am checking whether my reason attribute for an entity is empty, 3) If it is empty I want to show a popup page where user can add the reason.   I have added the show page inside micrflow  but it does not show any popup page instead it just flows through the show page activity inside the micrflow.
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Microflow calls inside a workflow are running in the background so the microflow does not have a user session to which it can send the client actions. If you want to accomplish something like that, you will have to set the action on your complete button to Microflow. You can then check the reason attribute in that microflow and show a popup there.