Any user can see information about current workflow

Hello! I'm working on one project right now and have a question regarding workflow. I have different models in my app, users are assigned to models with which they can interact. To publish data in a particular model user should make a request and workflow starts. I want any user that can access to the model be able to see a workflow state, but I don't want them to have admin rights. WorkflowView Object has a Xpath restriction which makes it impossible for users who aren't involved in a workflow to see the data [WorkflowCommons.WorkflowView_Initiator = '[%CurrentUser%]' or WorkflowCommons.UserTaskView_WorkflowView/WorkflowCommons.UserTaskView[WorkflowCommons.UserTaskView_Assignees = '[%CurrentUser%]' or WorkflowCommons.UserTaskView_TargetUsers = '[%CurrentUser%]']]   I think that changing a workflowCommons domain model is a bad idea but need to find a solution for this one. Please advise.
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The Entities in the Workflow Commons module get their data via Workflow State Change events.   There is now an improved set of events and events handlers available (The state change events are deprecated). You can build your own event handlers that collect data in entities you control (i.e. define permissions) and what data should be made available to users outside of the workflow context.


Alternatively what many developers do is add an attribute to the context entity that gives an indication how far in the process the workflow instance is.  This attribute (or entire context entity) can be added to the page showing "workflows I initiated"