New user cant see workflows

I'm following the workflow tutorial and it's going well. When I kickoff a workflow, the first task's target users are "Manager" role. Any existing users that have the Manager role assigned can see the task. However if I add a new "Manager" user AFTER the tasks went out, the new user doesn't see the task. If I click "REFRESH" at the top of the Task Inbox page, it doesn't refresh these tasks.   Is there a way to re-calc the target users for unassigned tasks? The Refresh button executes the nanoflow "WorkflowCommons.ACT_TaskCount_Refresh", which runs some other actions, but none of these seem to re-calc the target users to include the new user with the Manager Role?
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Thanks for bringing this up and we are working on a better way to have the behaviour you expected. The user targeting is done at the time a new user task instance is created. So adding a new user to a role will not auto update the list of targeted users for tasks that are already in progress.

However this newly added user will be a targeted user for any user task that is initiated after the user is added to the role. We understand this is not expect behaviour and we are looking into ways to improve it.