Cant open this task, it is assigned to someone else

Is it possible to change the way workflows behave so if someone who isn't assigned to a workflow task can open the task page? Right now if I can see an open task and it's assigned to someone else, if I click I get "Can't open this task. It is assigned to someone else".   I'd like to let other users work on this task WHILE it's assigned to someone else without having to re-assign it.,.. or at the bare minimum, be able to open a read-only version of the task page.    I searched this error message in the project hoping that it would find some sort of microflow action so i could motify it, but it doesn't return anything when I search
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Yes, this is possible. Both in the client side and server side you can configure this. See screenshot of the microflow activity Show User Task Page. You need to set "Who can Open" to "Users with access" (default is "Active assigned User"). Then all targeted users can open the page for that task. In addition, you can consider to add a Save button to the page that commits the changes to the database, but does not complete the task. This way the non assigned users are able to save their work. A task can only be completed by the assigned user (this is done for security reasons).