New user in application will not see current workflowtasks for his role.

I have created an app where I use the workflow module to create a workflow that creates tasks for certain roles.  However, the workflow module assigns the workflow task to users(accounts) depending on the user role.  When a new user is created in the application with the same role for that workflow tasks. It will not see the already created workflow tasks for the role. (Because the workflow tasks are assigned to users) Only new created workflow tasks will also be visible for the new user.     How can I make the current active workflow tasks visible for a new user. 
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Hi Pierre,


If you look into the System Domain Model you see there are 2 associations between WorkflowUserTask and User. One is for Target users. Targetusers see the tasks. If you want the new user to be added to all active tasks, then you can retrieve all tasks he should have access to and add the user as an assigned user.