App Performance - how to speed up my application?

Hi! I'm struggling with a rather significant problem. We have created an application that calculates the price of transport based on many cost/price matrices, specifications of goods, etc. It's relatively easy and fast to calculate a single transport. We also have the possibility to calculate batches of transports, although this takes more time with Mendix. Right now, we would like to create a tool to calculate matrices with many rows and columns, obtaining rates in each cell. However, this will take a very long time (for example, around 10,000 calculations multiplied by the number of columns). We are not sure how we should approach this problem. The process is already set, so we need to change something in the "architecture."   Do you have any ideas on how to approach this, what is worth getting familiar with?
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Hello Bartosz,


I think i would start with what is the expected performance, so what are the KPI's that you should met, try to agree upon a definition of the kpi and how to measure it first, then implement your measure and start from there to adjust things.


After this there are a lot of things to look at within mendix think about the following:


- Retrieves

- Commits

- Loops

- Xpath Expressions

- TaskQueues 



Take a look at the mendix documentation and learning paths to learn more:



Learning paths:


Hope this helps, but also be honest when it will not work with mendix it is always better to advice good than deliver poor!


Good luck