Pega BPM to Mendix

Hello All,   Is there a way to migrate Pega BPM flows to mendix.
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Hello Gaurav,


Pega has a totally different setup compared to Mendix and importing and exporting of all functionalities is not possible. So, you might be able to theoretically import anything in Mendix, Pega doesn't provide the possibility to export everything since it already provides a functional OOTB framework for BPM processes.


There is a Model SDK that would allow you to build a utility to migrate anything to Mx Workflows and other document types if required. So the theoretical answer is yes. The experience is that building a well working migration tool takes a lot of analysis and time. Besides the processes there are many other elements an application consist of and that are directly related to the process, like data definition, pages, other logic, styles, images, etc. So the practical answer is to do this manually.