Workflow status got changed as Incompatible

Hi everyone,   We have a workflow created already and a few requests created already in the system. after some time the client requested new changes in the workflow, we made the change, and all workflow in progress status changed to Incompatible, By reading the documentation, I understood that "An activity is introduced in the path that is already being executed" will create a conflict and make the executed workflows incompatible.   my question is how can I solve this as I have more than 250 workflows in progress now  its Incompatible as we in the production environment?   any suggestions Please.
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Hi Qusai,


More details about workflow instances becoming incompatible is explained here in the documentation

When you have the Workflow Commons module installed go the the Admin section, select the individual workflow instance and at the top right there is a list of options. There you can select how the workflow should progress.