Assigned Task is completed, when one user of each required user role responded

Hello experts!   I have a case which I don't quite know how to implement in my app.   I have for example 2 user roles including 2-3 users that are quilified to approve their topic.    One Workflow Task needs only the approval of one representative (one user of each user role) for each topic.    The approval request for both topics should happen simultaniously. So I looked at "Multi-User Task". Now I dont know how to implement to logic to complete the task once one representative of each user role has responded.  I can only select "All taget users", "Absolute Number" or "Percentage".    Can somebody give me a hint how to continue?   Thanks in advance!
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At the end I chose a workaround. With a loop inside a microflow I triggered the same workflow for each approval object. 


I created a sub microflow that runs after the completion of the user task (for each outcome) and checks if the approval status of the others has already changed. If not, nothing happens. If yes, it will calculate the overall outcome and change the main request status. And will trigger all necessary actions afterwards.