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Xpath constraint based on list / multi values



This idea is based on https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/7402 and some other questions;

Here is the usecase : 
- “Language” entity
- ‘User” entity, where 1 user has 1 language
- A “User” datagrid to search users based on languages they speak
- A Multi-select dropdown for languages, so I can retrieve users who speak either English, or French, or Spanish for example
- The microflow used to retrieve data will have to handle a List of Language entities ;

The fact is there’s no operator in XPath able to handle a “or” for values selected ; with Mx 8.10, we need to implement a loop on selected languages, execute the search for each language, and aggregate the resutls.

The purpose of this idea is to implement an operator able to handle lists in Xpath

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