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Default sort on entities in the domain model


Currently the only way to control the sorting is to define it on every single page or in every single microflow where you retrieve data. 
It would save a lot of time (and greatly improve maintainability) if we could define the default sort attributes/order on the domain model. Mendix would then always use this sort order, unless you override it in MF/page.

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This sould be very handy. I have myself encountered in a similar situation, having to sort all over the MKF or the pages for the same entity and type of sort. 

Sorting ASC or DESC in the Entity should be great! ;=)


As this idea is over one year old: any comment from Mendix on this?
I would really really really like the option(!) to add a default sort to each entity to avoid having to add it to every single screen and microflow that retrieves objects of that entity.

Could be as simple as only allowing to select from the usable attributes of the entity (no associations, no unlimited strings, no hashed strings, etc).