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Make it possible to add comments to XPath constraints


XPath allows the use of comments ( , not sure about the versioning)  but this does not seem to work in the modeler.

It would be great if we could use comments in the XPath constraints.

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I also support this Idea. Oftentimes the XPATH expression gets complex and requires some comments for sake of clarification.


Yes please!


Definatly needed. Complex XPath constraints tend to get a bit messy, comments would really help to keep an overview of whats happening in each section.

Any chance getting this implemented?




I fully support the idea.  It should be minimal work for Mendix with high value for the developers.

I also need comments in “expressions”


bump this idea.  In my experience, any app besides a simple POC has complex XPath constraints.  Being able to document these would be great for my own use (if I wrote the xpath) or for other developers on my team.