Constrain Your Data Using XPath Learning path

In the Constrain Your Data Using XPath learning path at chapter 4.2.1 you're supposed to submit requests as a ‘User’ userrole and be able to view them as an administrator (MxAdmin) but I cant see any submitions from users as a administrator. How do I fix this?
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Hi Havel,

Do you already have a page to view all submissions ? if yes then did you gave page access and read or ReadWrite access rights in required entity(s) to administrator role ? 

It looks like a bug in project package. To fix this go to project security > administrator role > only ‘user’ is selected module role in VacationManagement module, if you want admin to see all the requests then please select ‘administrator’ module role as well (as shown in the image below) and re-run the project. This should solve your issue.


Hope this helps!


There is a good chance you have missed some setting in one of the previous exercises. Go back to 4.1, download the Project package and use that project as starting point for your exercises in this chapter.