System.Admin and System.User permissions

Hi all, Can anyone please help me in understanding what is the below XPath conditions. PFA.     Edited:  Second XPath condition is [System.UserRoles = '[%CurrentUser%]' or System.grantableRoles[reversed()]/System.UserRole/System.UserRoles = '[%CurrentUser%]']   Thank you.
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Hi Venkatesh, 

The first screenshot [id = [’%CurrentUser%]’] is making it so users can only see their own user profile. So when I am logged in to your app and I retrieve a list of users, I will only see myself. 

The second screenshot, I can’t see all of the Xpath constraint, but it looks like it is making it so the user can only see their own user role and not others. 

So if I have the user role “User” I cannot see other “Administrator” role. 

Hope that helps!