Xpath for fetching list from DB based on member variable is part of Input list

I have a business case where I need to fetch list of Objects from Database. Entity table is having one member of type Enum. I want to get List of Objects based on List of Enums(random number of enums) which I will have.   SQL for this would looks like : Select * from table where member in (1,2,3,4,5);   How Can I build this Xpath to fetch list from Database. I will have limit and offset and also Sort in this retrieval.
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Hi Rajesh,

you can use enums in xpath like below

For example, I have an Enumerated attribute of Status which predefined values like Started,Not Started, Completed.

[Status=’Started’ or Status=’Not Started’ or Status=’Completed’]

Like wise, you can write xpath.

I hope this helps you