All entries for currently logged in user

Hello to all,   in my current project i want to output all entries from an entity which contain the same username as the user who is currently logged in. For this there is an attribute "CompanyName" which contains the name. When I use XPath in the ListView nothing is displayed.   How can I display all entries which contain the username of the user who is currently logged in?   My ListView with XPath. (I want to have the Name or the FullName of the currently logged in user. But I don’t know how.) I need something that is linked to the currently logged in user to compare. Domain Model: (Linked to System.User)   Thanks for the help - Pascal
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If the object is linked to a specific user, and you want all objects that are linked to this user, the way to go is:

[tbl_NX2GO_Auswertung_Company_User = '[%CurrentUser%]']